Your organisation is in transition. Office space is a crucial aspect of this. But how do you find the most suitable space for your company? And will you rent or buy?

Solved is an independent estate agency specialising in commercial real estate. We are the ideal partner to help you answer these questions. We know the national real estate market like nobody else and we will help you translate your wishes into the best possible solution. 

First of all, we will explore your basic set of requirements for new office space, enabling us to start identifying a range of possible spaces.

We will look at rents, of course, but we will also take account of the investment required to adapt the space to your needs. Ultimately, what you want to know is how much, when all is said and done, each option would exactly cost.

Solved handles negotiations with the owner to secure the best financial and contractual terms and conditions on your behalf. And after a lease or purchase agreement has been signed, Solved can continue to help with any renovation work that is required.