flip verwaaijen

Flip Verwaaijen has been in-house advisor at Solved since 2012. 

Prior to that, he was Managing Director of Real Estate, first at TNT Real Estate and then at PostNL. Flip played a leading role in renewing the housing portfolio and improving sustainability at both organizations, and spearheaded the realisation of CO₂-neutral buildings. He was also Chair of Corenet Global Benelux, a platform and expertise network for users of commercial real estate.

“The philosophy at Solved fits in seamlessly with my conviction that the tenant should be at the centre of transactions and not the real estate owner. Far too little respect is accorded to acting in the interests of the tenant. The tenancy contract of the Real Estate Council also favours the owner. Solved turns that situation around, helps to identify the strategic and operational needs of the tenant, interprets them skillfully, and negotiates a solution. But tenants should profile themselves more professionally by getting themselves better organised or seeking representation.”