Martine Huisman

After completing her studies at the International Hotel School in Leeuwaarden, Martine began her career as an events coordinator at the 5-star Renaissance Hotel in Amsterdam.

In 2006, she made the move into commercial real estate, where she was able to use the knowledge, experience and service orientation that she had acquired in the hospitality sector. 

During her career at Colliers International, she completed the NVM programme for estate agents. Her work there involved leasing commercial real estate on behalf of a range of national and international real estate investors, as well as advising companies on their real estate management. 

As a portfolio manager, in 2010 Martine became responsible for managing and leasing a nationwide real estate portfolio with a total size of approximately 100,000m2 on behalf of a major private investor. As part of this, she was also involved in various renovation and conversion projects.

At the end of 2011, Martine decided to become an entrepreneur and she founded the organisation RentReview (now known as Cresa Netherlands) with two partners. After a period of three years, she sold her shares in the company and she has been working with Solved since mid-2015. She applies her experience in advising users of commercial real estate every day, to great effect. 

Martine's working style is motivated and accurate, and she has a highly commercial and service-oriented mindset. These traits have proven their worth time and again, resulting in satisfied customers and long-term relationships.