Amsterdam is home to both the national and international headquarters of Greenpeace. Greenpeace asked us to investigate whether both sites could be merged in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Naturally, sustainability was also an important requirement in seeking a new location.

Greenpeace asked Solved to advise on and implement its real estate strategy.


Working with the Facilities and ICT Managers at Greenpeace, Solved carried out an analysis of the current situation and Greenpeace’s existing obligations. A schedule of requirements was then drawn up with the help of a project manager, and the possibilities for introducing flexible working methods into a maximally sustainable office environment were explored. Ultimately, Greenpeace decided to retain its international headquarters at its current location, but with a renegotiated lease. The organisation’s national head office was relocated to a former forge in Northern Amsterdam, which was completely converted into a state-of-the-art office building with many sustainable features.

Solved has been acting as the Greenpeace’s exclusive real estate advisor since 2012.


Cost savings, New Housing

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