The Netherlands Forestry Commission (Staatsbosbeheer) manages 265,000 hectares of natural land and forests on behalf of the population of the Netherlands. In addition to barns and water mills, the Forestry Commission also has an office for its headquarters and four regional offices across the Netherlands (in Tilburg, Groningen, Deventer and Amsterdam). The organisation needed a better overview of its real estate portfolio (rental costs, termination dates, transfer obligations) and also wanted to improve the layout of its (regional) offices, with a strong emphasis on improving the working environment for her employees and achieving cost reductions.

The Forestry Commission contracted Solved to advise on and implement its real estate strategy.


Working with the operations manager and the overall management team at the Netherlands Forestry Commission, Solved conducted an analysis of the current situation and the organisation’s existing obligations. Then, a schedule of requirements was drawn up with the help of a project manager, and the option of introducing flexible working methods was explored. A number of regional offices were remodelled and refurbished. For the remaining regional offices, the decision was made to relocate. New leases were negotiated for all locations to ensure that the Forestry Commission can retain its prime locations, and to realise substantial reductions in accommodation expenses.

Solved has been acting as the Forestry Commission’s exclusive real estate advisor since 2012.


Cost savings, New Housing, Strategy

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