Vitens is the Netherlands’ largest water company with a catchment area stretching from Utrecht to Leeuwarden. Because Vitens was formed from a merger between several smaller water companies, it now has a great deal of excess real estate that is unrelated to production.

Vitens appointed Solved to advise on and implement its real estate strategy


Solved has been providing Vitens with strategic and transactional advice since 2010. One of the first projects involved drawing up a schedule of requirements for the company’s new head office, as well as preparing the necessary documentation ahead of the sale of the company’s offices and business premises in Lelystad, Leeuwarden and Utrecht. In recent years, substantial savings have been made. One example is the successful renegotiation of terms relating to Vitens’ 5,500 sqm of rented office space in Arnhem.

Solved is currently working ‘in-house’ at Vitens’ real estate management division, where it independently advises on various real estate consultancy projects and transactions and oversees the work of third parties involved, such as rental agents.


Cost savings, Interim services, New Housing, Strategy

Vitens Solved