Hybrid working

Many organisations are opting for a future in which hybrid working will become even more normal. The transition towards hybrid working requires a new way of organising work. Choices need to be made. What to do where? When do we go to the office? How can we effectively work together and maintain a connection with the organisation? But perhaps most importantly, how do we interact with others at the office?

This transition demands modified behaviour from employees and managers. At the same time, changes need to be made in the work environment itself and supporting IT systems. Changes, therefore, in the well-known three Bs of brick (work environment), bites (IT), and behaviour.

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Why an escape room?

Escape rooms are fun and challenging! Goals are reached through cooperation and inventiveness. It’s a lot like real life (inside a 45-minute pressure cooker). Teambuilding in its ultimate form.

In addition to being a lot of fun, the Solved Escape Room also offers insight into the most important aspects of hybrid working. How do you achieve maximum productivity by working in a safe and organised manner, at the office or remotely? In which areas are you already succeeding, and which areas could use more attention? There’s no need for long sessions; rather, a game can be used to truly experience hybrid working. Upon completion, participants share all the issues they faced during a short debriefing. The three B’s – bricks (work environment), bites (IT), and behaviour – will also be covered briefly. The debriefing will be facilitated by Solved’s Workplace Consultant. He or she will give participants hands-on tools they can immediately get to work on.

An individual’s experience of the Escape Room impacts the organisation as a whole; what is learnt by one person is passed on to other colleagues. In this way, participants automatically become hybrid-working ambassadors for your organisation.

Employees see that you as an employer take hybrid working seriously. They’ll also be more efficient in terms of cooperating and using the office when making the transition to hybrid working.

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What is an escaperoom?

Find out more with data

Teams’ scores concerning the different parts of hybrid working (bricks, bites, behaviour) are recorded. These results are reported back to you after all teams have finished playing. As you may already have come to expect from Solved, the visual report will be presented in a clear, comprehensible manner using a dashboard. A single look will tell you how ready your organisation is for hybrid working. What is already going well? And where can improvements be made (especially when time pressure is a factor)?

When should the Solved Escape Room be used?

There are various moments during a (re)housing trajectory during which the Solved Escape Room can be used. What to use when depends on the result you’re looking for. You can use the Escape Room:

  • At the start of a project to get the organisation on board with hybrid working.
  • After the first plans have been made to test (in game form and under high pressure) to what extent employees’ behaviour, the work environment, and IT resources are ready for hybrid working.
  • During implementation to give employees an experience hybrid working.

A general rule is that a relocation trajectory can offer an extra impulse to make the leap forward. The Solved Escape Room is perfect for this.


Gamification concerns the application of game-like modes of thinking and gaming techniques in non-game environments. Gamification uses game elements to motivate users and enrich their experience. It shows us just how effective games are at intriguing, captivating, motivating, and binding players.

Unique Selling Points

  • Team building
  • Educational
  • Insight into bottlenecks
  • At your location
  • Max. 80 people per day
  • Serious fun
  • Implementable in between work
  • Talk of the company
  • Unique in the Netherlands

How does it work

We will first make an appointment to align with your goal. 

Practical matters will also be discussed. The Solved Escape Room is in a trailer that takes up some space (12.5 x 4 metres) and requires an electricity outlet. (A potential eyecatcher to have parked on your car park for a few days.) A maximum of ten rounds (with groups consisting of no more than eight players) can be played per day. 

Additionally, a (meeting) room for eight people is required for the debriefing.

The game will be guided by professional game masters. The debriefing and reporting will be facilitated by Solved’s Workplace Consultant.


Costs are case-specific and depend on the number of days Solved’s services are required and which services are being used.

What is anescaperoom?

An escape room is a group adventure in which participants discover and try to solve various puzzles, riddles, and challenges. The game takes place in a physical space and within a timeframe of 45 minutes. The aim is not to escape the room, but rather to complete a shared task under high time pressure.

Who is Solved?

Solved is a housing adviser specialised in offering commercial and strategic advisory services exclusively to users of business real estate (renters or owner-users). 

Solved uses an integrated approach working from three disciplines: Workplace Consultancy, Transaction & Strategic Advice, and Project Management.

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