Flip Verwaaijen

Flip Verwaaijen Solved Team - Raad van Advies

Flip Verwaaijen has been Solved’s permanent consultant since 2012.

Flip advises Solved from his proven track record in the real estate branch. Flip Verwaaijen worked as a Real Estate Managing Director at PostNL until January 2012 and before that he was responsible for TNT Real Estate. Flip had a leading role in the renewal and sustainability of the housing portfolio of both organisations. He helped them realise carbon neutral buildings, including one of the Netherlands’ most sustainable offices.  He was also chair at Corenet Global Benelux, a platform and expertise network for commercial real estate users, as well as part of the Office summit. 


Flip Verwaaijen: “Solved’s philosophy corresponds seamlessly to my belief that the tenant and not the real estate owner has to be the focal point of the transaction. Acting in tenant’s interest is something that isn’t respected enough. The ROZ rental agreement, too, acts too much in the owner’s interest. Solved reverses this situation. They make sure the tenant’s strategic and operational need is recognised and met. The tenants, however, have to make sure they present themselves in a more professional way by being better organised or by making sure they have a good representation.”